UX Designer

UX whisperer, UI designer and a big fan of empathy & authenticity.

I’m a UX/UI Designer with 10+ years of experience in website design, graphic design, UX writing for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and creatives.

UX Design

  • User Research

  • Human-Centered

  • Agile & Lean Collaboration

  • Design for Equity

UI Design

  • Ideate Visual Solutions

  • Sketching & Wireframing

  • Prototype Development

  • App & Website Design

UX Writing

  • Copywriting

  • Microcopy

  • Content Writing

  • Collaboration

my Skills

Adobe Creative Suite
Front-End Coding
UI Design Software






Positive Feedback


Cups of Coffee

What they think

"Taylor gave me a renowned sense of confidence and an unexpected boost of pride and inspiration in myself and what I do, which is almost better than a website makeover."
Sarah Johnson, L. Ac.
Acupuncturist & Herbalist
“Taylor has provided exceptional help for People Phase, including website design and development. She is a superb graphic artist and has also helped with designing ads, etc. Highly recommend!!”
Kerry Loeb
People Phase
"The balance Taylor strikes between well-rounded & creative, consistent & ever-evolving, strategic & intuitive - is absolutely inspiring. Her playfully cultivated creative momentum is so magnetic that I hope to continue working with Taylor for many years to come.”
Drea DiPrete
Artist & Former Collaborator
"Taylor’s immense creative spirit coupled with her colorful and attentive personality makes her a true difference maker. It has been an awesome adventure working with Taylor; we sure feel lucky to know her!”
Katie Hearn
The Heidelberg Project
“Taylor is an intelligent, organized, detail-oriented, and trustworthy individual who is passionate about her work. A natural problem-solver, I am confident that she can handle any project and exceed expectations."
Jennifer Morton
Hai Hospitality
"It's a rare opportunity to work with someone so consistently dedicated to improving and growing in the workplace. Taylor is thoughtful and patient and extremely giving to those she works with."
Tara Bouley

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